Hacking OSX Catalina in < 10.15 Commands

As I click on auto-update to celebrate the end of midterms, I accidentally realized that it no longer was the end. 

Where did my Conda envs go? Why is my Mujoco breaking? Why can't I compile my C program anymore? Is Spotify now a virus?
This post is where I'll list some of the (hopefully) temporary hacks to get your dependencies up and running again with the new OS X update, which prevents you from writing to the root directory and installing third party applications without manually clicking on icons.
AnacondaYou will have a directory on ~/Desktop called Relocated items. To restore your environments,  Download the conda prefix replacement tool: curl -L -o cpr && chmod +x cpr  Re-home your anaconda directory:./cpr rehome ~/anaconda3 Re-run conda init to fix your shell environment:source ~/anaconda3/bin/activate conda initOptional: get ride of the base environmentconda config --set auto_activate_base FalseHea…

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